Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 2nd - Concert on the Hudson

Today I made some progress getting the boat together. It is slow – because I am – but the boxes are disappearing and I am starting to get some living space back again. I am still not over the hump; every time I want to do a project I need to move things to either get to parts, tools, or the space I need to work in.

I went for a walk to stretch my legs and found that there was a free concert just down the street. I decided to go down and listen for a while. The music was great, a mix of jazz, bluegrass and a little soft rock. I had never heard of the group and had forgotten their name by the time I got to the concert. The park is right on the Hudson River so of course the entire skyline of New York was in view. Also, it was a full moon tonight. I had forgotten how bored the children get. Sure enough there were large numbers running and “razoring” around. I think that is the current name for scooter of my youth.

The highlight of the whole concern was of course the encore. It was, I think to everyone’s surprise, One Love by Bob Marley. The band got the entire crowd singing along with them. It was a great finish. Certainly shades of the Caribbean.

This reminds me, it has turned cool here. The boat heat kicks in at night. Thanks to Ed once again who resurrected the heat and air conditioning unit last year between the Bayview – Mac and the Chicago – Mac.

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