Thursday, September 10, 2009

High Tides, High Winds

Although the Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club has much to commend it the one downside is that under certain conditions we get a lot of rolling waves thru the marina.  This is due to the fact that we are saving something (not sure if it is a fish, a grub, two lawyers who would otherwise have to work for a living, etc.) so the owner was prevented from putting up all of the break walls he originally planned to install.  The yacht club sits in the open space between two old New Jersey piers.  Both piers have had buildings erected on them, residential on one side, commercial on the other.  The problem is that at low tide the waves can make it under the piers and sweep thru the yacht club.  Apparently putting up sea walls to block the flow of tides would disturb some perhaps sentient beings but more importantly would require several pseudo-hippy Bergen county housewives to find another cause.  So we rock and roll.


With the tropical storm off the Atlantic Coast the wave action has been piling up the tide in the Hudson River.  After several years in the Great Lakes I had forgotten what an impact wave action can have on tides.  This morning when I walked off the floating docks I actually had to walk down, as the water level was well above “high tide.”  Of course the opposite can be true too, the water getting sucked out of the Hudson resulting in lower than normal tide levels.  Tonight the forecast is for high tide to be ½ to 2 feet above normal.


The one good thing is that I am slowly getting Reboot back.  I have been able to unpack a lot of stuff and it is making a difference, I actually have to move less things to work on each project.  Of course I am still suffering from always been one part short of completion of anything.  The next couple of days we are expected to have rain, so that will help me focus on continuing to unpack and get things put away.

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