Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day 2009 - Take me out to the ball game

Gate 6 at the new Yankee Stadium. Tony was kind enough to share tickets to the Yankee game on Labor Day with Ace so I got to see the new Yankee Stadium. We did the trip in the classic New York tradition arriving at the stadium via subway. This is the closest entrance to the "D" train subway stop, it turns out it is also the closest entrance to our seats. The old Yankee Stadium which is across the street from the new one. My father actually sold peanuts in this stadium when he was a kid. Note that he was born in 1913 so you can get a sense of how old this place really is. It was renovated once in the 1970's but the decision was made to build a new stadium rather than renovate this one again. Since I have never been much of a sports fan it is always good to have a rabid fan alone to bring one up to speed. In my case it was my nephew, Bob, who provided all of the necessary insights. This is Derek Jeter at bat. He is four (or was it five) hits away from surpassing Lou Gehrig's record for the most hits for any Yankee. Of course he was hitless the entire game, and it turns out the entire day. Speaking of the entire day, back in the dark ages when I was a child (you know, before dinosaurs roamed the earth) there was this concept of a "double header." One got to see two baseball games on the same day for the price of one. Today however one needs to purchase a ticket for each game. This is a function of how poor the owners have become and how badly they need the additional revenue to make ends meet. As it turned out I watched the evening game on television and Derek was hitless for that game too.
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