Friday, August 13, 2010

George Street St. Johns's Newfoundland

Last night I treated myself to a martini and steak at a high end steak house here in St. John's.  As usual I ate at the bar and the restaurant was sufficiently crowded that I ended up talking to several groups of people over the course of my dinner.  Since I finished later in the evening I decided to take a walk up to George Street.  It had transformed itself into the loud party street for which it is famous.

I had not made it more than half a block when one of the groups that had chatted with me at the bar spotted me and adopted me for their pub crawl. So up and down the street we went.  Most bars had live music and their outdoor speakers competed to see who could be the loudest.  Shades of Summerfest in Milwaukee, the sound levels were overpowering.   Every type of music was represented and the crowds ran from in their 20's to old geezers like me.

The guys also promised me a free pass to one of the whale watching tour boats.  I am looking forward to being out on the water without the obligation of handling the boat.

I ended up in an Irish bar with a four piece band playing Irish music.  At one point they played a song about being a Newfoundlander.  The entire place went nuts singing and dancing alone.  Very cool.

Off to do some minor provisioning today - XO has burned thru a lot of cat food and I am out of coffee.  Planning on a larger provisioning trip after the weekend.

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