Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brooklyn Yacht Club Cruisers' Dinner

Many times in my experience when stopping in a yacht club one becomes yet another boat at the dock.  After paying whatever fees and getting fuel etc. you just become another person passing thru.  This has not been my experience in Brooklyn.  This is a yacht club of the old tradition.  I (and HOBO and H2OBO have been adopted by the club.  We have been run into town for food.  Today all of us ( and EXCALIBUR) were run into town so we could use the laundromat before our planned departure tomorrow. But last night was the ultimate experience.   Wayne ("I'm just a cook - see Assault on a Queen) from the club asked us if we would like a special dinner.  We all said yes.  So last night we had steak, scallops, potatoes, and lots of wine, beer, alcohol, and great company.  What a terrific evening of cruiser comradary..  I know that if I am up this way again I will clearly stop here again.

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