Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Small (cruising) world

Today a new Canadian boat came into St. Pierre.  Originally out of Toronto, Aubrey & Judy have been cruising for 11 years.  I went over for the requisite "sundowner" and we talked about future plans.  Well, first we talked about Earl, but everyone here talks first about Earl.  Imagine my surprise to find that Veleda IV is planning the same trip as Reboot, that is down the East coast of the US, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.  In fact their plan is to leave the boat in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala for the summer.

Tomorrow I plan on visiting the other two French islands the archipelago:  Miquelon and Langlade.  These islands are connect by an isthmus.  I am taking a tour boat/bus so I will not have to worry about getting around.  I will get some pictures and post them tomorrow night.

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