Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dead calm

I am sitting on the doc\k at St. Pierre and it is dead calm.  The water is like glass and the wind is non-existent. The forecast is still for gales tomorrow morning and in fact the clouds are coming in but it seems so unlikely at the moment..

My neighbor Judy taught me how to use my sewing machine.  I have now started to repair the various panels of the dodger where the stitching has worn out.  It lacks that totally professional look but it is not longer falling apart.  I did not take the big center section down.  It needs both zippers repaired and a lot of other stitching.  I will do that when I get to a warmer place.  It requires disconnecting all of the sheets and halyards that run back to the cockpit and I decided to work on other projects.

I got the water maker reinstalled today but can't test it as this harbor is full of crud.  So when I get offshore I will start running it on a daily basis again.

This afternoon I took everything out of the back stateroom for the first time in over a year.  This is like cleaning your basement or garage.  Am I bored?  You bet I am.

More tomorrow, as I will not depart until Friday.

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