Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Azores to Ireland - Day 1

Noon Position 3 July 2012
N 39 32.4
W027 13.1
Traveled since departure at 021550 JUL 12: 95.1 NM
4.8 NM Average
1066 NM to go

1. With the help of several people we got Reboot pulled out of the stack of 3 boats. This was made more difficult by the fact that there were three boat raft ups on either side. Just before we started the wind was very favorable to just be blown out, but of course the wind reversed as soon as I cast off.
2. Clawed, and I do mean clawed my way out of Horta. There was an adverse wind and current between Faial and Pico. When I would tack the current would push me back and give up almost all the northing I had made. Once I got out the wind shifted and I was able to get around Sao Jorge and Graciosa without further incident. I did have to run the engine the entire time as the winds were light to non-existant.
3. Quiet day of very light winds from the West. Shut down the engine this morning and was finally able to set up the Monitor wind steering. This makes it both quiet and conserves fuel and electricity. Have spent most of the day just napping (the tension of getting out of Horta was quite wearing.)
4. It is clear that we are no longer in the tropics. Average temperatures in the day are 65 to 70 degrees, at night 60 to 65. I am unpacking clothing I have not worn in a while.

Fair winds and following seas.

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