Friday, July 20, 2012

SkippeR restaurant, Cascais Marina, Portugal

My first stop after checking in at the Cascais Marina office was the SkippeR restaurant. This turned out to be a real blessing. I was adopted by the staff. They feed me, not only from the menu but made some typical Portuguese dishes for me to try. The ladies in the kitchen also fed me after closing as I kept coming in very late at night. The staff also provided great advice on places to visit. I would never have gone to Sintra if it had not been for Nuno. Another benefit was that they had a good internet connection and were open late in the evening. This let me Skype back to the United States at a time when my friends were awake and not at work. We even had a visit from XO (who had to stay outside but was delighted to be off the boat and able to roll in the dirt in the flower bed. Then of course he had to clean himself for the next three hours.

If you come to Cascais be sure to visit and tell them I sent you. Also, you can like them ("SkippeR Bar and Restaurant") on Facebook.

Lourenco, Nuno, Pedro (Owner), Mega
To be fed well make friends with the cook!

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