Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Azores to Ireland - Day 2

Noon Position 0412000 Z JUL 12
N 40 22,6
W 025 18.4
Distance Traveled 200 Nm
4.6 Kts Average Speed
972 NM to Kinsale
100.4 NM traveled last 24 Hours
94 NM on track
Waves 2 - 4 feet WNW

1. Light winds for the last 24 hours, mostly force 2 and 3. Wind shift since 0600 has moved wind from West to North. I have changed course from 041T to 90T to keep from having to run very close hauled as I have lots of East to go anyway. This is cost some in distance made good but will result in a much smoother ride. The wind is so light that I am having difficulty maintaining 90T, I am giving up northing. If I tack the winds are so light I give up both North and East. Ugh!
2. Mist this morning, 1005 overcast at noon, clouds slowly burning off. I have noticed in the entire trip that in one day I can go from clear to 100% overcast and back to clear again.
3. Got to talk to Spencer via phone patch last night, it was good to hear his voice.
4. Checked into the UK Maritime Net this morning. They apparently knew about me, probably because Nigel (who did a Chicago - Mac and Bayview Mac with me) is a frequent station heard.
5. Still difficult to get a radio link. The number of WINLINK stations in Europe is very small compared to the US and I am still quite a ways off the coast.

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