Friday, December 14, 2012

1000 mile to go celebation

In honor of our crossing the line of 1000 NM to go we had a “secret Santa” type exchange.

By Sarah

Roger Roger, Angels acalling, Roger, Roger, over and out
On his white steed they are sailing. Roger plots our ‘True Route.’
Good girl Jess always smiling as she strums her C, G cord, but whatever you do Roger don’t throw that plastic overboard!
Eagle eyed Moira always looking far out to sea. Aye a dolphin, Aye a whale, Aye a fish I do see. With a Cigi in one hand and the knife in the other, soon she’s fished and filleted our delicious Dorado supper.
Random meeting with Sarah saw her the 3rd of this crew. She makes noise on her Danso, she makes better her fish head stew.
Sleeping beauty, XO is his name. Cleaning hair, kissing noses, flying fish is his game.

All have crossed this vast blue … 1000 miles to go more
Now we can cheers with a beer, to this coming new shore
Growing bellies, growing sea legs, we try the jib and jibe dance
Ever ready, Captain Roger … “is there hot water by any chance?”
Leaping quickly to his name “Roger … ROGER!!” it is time
Sailing this way, sailing that way, a Caribbean Island soon we will find.

Sarah (by Roger)

As I walked from the blue cafe,
having just sent the Dutchman away,
I pondered what I was to do,
As I wanted additional crew.

Sarah then walked up to me
and said you are whom I must see,
I am looking for a boat for a ride,
to get to the opposite side.

Don't let my obvious charms distract,
I really know how crew has to act,
I don't have much money you see,
but I'm willing to go please take me.

No matter what tack we are on
This girl always has the clew
Even when it blows seven
She knows for sure what to do.

On the foredeck she handles the pole,
with great skill though Reboot may roll.
Screwdriver in hand we have seen,
She can make Reboot a sailing machine.

Her craft skills have created for me
A memento of volcano Teide
In the kitchen she cooks up a storm,
My coffee she always keeps warm.

On night watch with stars in the sky,
She makes the time seem to fly
And when it comes time to play
She makes all my cares go away.

My story will have to end here,
I feel it is time for a beer.
But wherever Sarah shall roam,
She can always call Reboot her home.

Jessica (by Moira)

Jess is on her way, Hawaii Uni bound
Via the Caribbean, it’s probably the long way round

With a tearful farewell to mama & papa, she boarded sailboat Reboot
Spain was left behind her to take the Atlantic crossing route

Lentils, wasabi, soy sauce and chicken from her mum
She was super optimistic the vegetables would last the run

Dorado were the fish we caught, and Jessie was the stunner
Wielding the hammer on the back deck like a professional hit man killer

Mayonnaise or olive oil that’s the burning question
Who would have thought salad dressing would have been such a bone of contention

XO is the boats second in command, American is his language
But confused when waking Jess in the middle of the night, being berated in Spanish rage

Having the watch following Jess, she tickles me awake
Moira it’s “time” to do your watch and get up on the deck

In Hawaii she will stay amongst the surfer dudes and learn to bend and curl
We wish her all the luck and safe passage to all hat life may unfurl

Moira (Crafts by Jessica)

Jessica made Moira a beautiful dragonfly hair clip and provided a coupon for one massage!

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