Thursday, December 20, 2012

What a blast!

The frat party continues…


Last night we went to La Bamba for Latin night. Sometimes I forget this is a resort island. By about 10 PM there was a very large crowd at this beach bar, It reminds me of my Navy days in the Norfolk, VA area. There were several officer clubs in the area. One night of each week each club would have a special event. Everyone went to that club that night.  The same is true here. Latin dancing night, Spanish music night, live band night… Everyone cycles through each of the bars.


Today we went to the airport to see Moira off. After we got her successfully through the various checkpoints and on her way up the escalator to the departure area we sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as she headed up the escalator, It did create quite a stir. If you have watched the Atlantic Crossing video that is what Jessica and Sarah were singing in the last frame.


We then went to the “Boat Bar.” The runway here is bounded by the ocean at one side and the lagoon on the other. The Boat Bar sits at what is the normal departure end of the airport. When the planes turn onto the runway they are only about 500 feet from the airport fence.  The tradition is to stand at the fence on the runway centerline. As the airplane turns to line up with the runway all of the spectators wave at the pilots and the passengers in the plane. The pilots wave back (except of course for the Air France pilots because that would be so gauche.) The more brave spectators hold on to the fence as the airplane spools up for takeoff. The rest get the heck out of the way. Since it is a beach the blast from the jet engines blows all sorts of grit and sand all over the spectators.  It is quite a blast of air and heat. Once is enough for most people.


Having watched Moira successfully get on her way (they missed the mountain at the end of the runway) we then went to Lagoonies for paella. (Wednesday night is of course paella night at Lagoonies.) Jessica walked me through the preparation and explained the various kinds of paella. This got my juices going and I was not disappointed it was wonderful.


We all agreed that we were pretty tired (having sat up in the cockpit until 2 AM last night chatting so we headed back to Reboot for an early night.


Fair winds and following seas.

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