Sunday, December 9, 2012

Atlantic Crossing Westbound, December 9, 2012

Noon (UTC) Position
N 17 23.831
W 053 23.188
C 260T S 7.5 Knots
547 NM to go, 156 NM last 24 hours (a new Reboot record!, 2229 NM on track
(Day 22)

A record breaking run in the last 24 hours. The waves have picked up and the wind is a little more gusty so we have cranked in the jib just a small bit (we are at about 95% of the 135% jib.) Ride is much better and autopilot is not working as hard. With the wind aft of the beam its either a double reefed main or the jib as the main blankets the jib. It is much easier to tend the jib with varying conditions so we go with it most of the time.

XO scared us all last night when he went after a flying fish on the rail. He was very close to the edge and we are rolling about +25 degrees to -25 degrees in the ocean swell. But he was sure footed enough to bring it back to Moria. The classic fight ensued but she got the fish before he could take it below and hide it.

We will change the boat time again today to UTC -4 as we have passed W 52 30.0. This is Atlantic time, the same time zone as St. Martin.

Fair winds and following seas.


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