Sunday, December 23, 2012

The French Side (St Marten, Sint Maarten)

Reboot is actually moored on the French side of St. Marten/Sint Maarten as there are no fees for being here. On the Dutch (Netherlands Antilles) side in addition to customs fees there are bridge fees and mooring fees. So most boats that know the financial score end up going to the French side of Simpson Bay Lagoon. In fact Marigot is the nearest town to where Reboot is moored.

That said during the time I have been here I have spent most of my time on land on the Dutch side. Not only does it seem to be more the "party" side of the island but it is also where the chandleries, hardware store, marine trades shops,airport, grocery stores etc. are more prevalent.

This morning I ran Jessica over to Marigot to meet some friends. We stopped to get fuel for the dinghy. Since two stroke engines are the norm here - you can't even find a four stroke dinghy engine to purchase - the fuel docks sell 2 cycle oil by the mix. You pull in, ask for oil for 5 gallons, they hand you a pitcher of oil. Then they set the pump to deliver the 5 gallons. It makes it quite convenient. I realize that fuel prices have gone way up but filling the dinghy for $25 US was a bit of sticker shock.

Last night we had another barbecue on Explorer Island. It was very different in character from the first one where we danced most of the night. Some new Spanish friends who had never been on a boat or in a dinghy joined us. We sat in the almost full moonlight and had a quiet night of conversation and music as Jessica had brought her guitar.

My battery is dying so off to walk a bit of Marigot - its Sunday so most everything will be closed.

Fair winds and following seas.

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