Sunday, November 9, 2014

Power failure

Yesterday morning we lost shore power. Actually they turned it off for the day to work on the lines. Of course this came as a great surprise since no one had told me. It was an interesting case of Reboot working too well. When the power went off the inverter kicked in. Now this would not have been a big problem except that I had two electric heaters running. They draw a lot of power. So as the batteries are trying to go flat the sun comes up and the solar panels kick in. Alas all they do is slow the inevitable drain. But the inverter is smart and as the voltage drops the low voltage alarm kicks in. The inverter stops producing power. The heaters go off. It gets really cold really fast (the water temp is 56 degrees, the air temp was about 50 degrees.) I wake up and shut everything off.

Of course now I am freezing. But the good news is that I can make a cup of coffee on the propane stove. Which I do.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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