Monday, November 3, 2014

Predicted Rescue

There has been a lot of chat for the past two days in the marina bars about the weather. In particular we have all been hearing rumors about when the Salty Dawg and Carib1500 will depart. My prediction was the USCG would be doing a bunch of rescues as people desperate to leave departed and got in over their heads. Last night - Coast Guard Rescues Two from Distressed Sailboat. At about 10 PM EST last night the sea buoy (Buoy 44014) was reporting 30 knot winds and 18 foot waves. Not surprising that they got in trouble.

It looks like there will be a brief window on Tuesday. But here is the thing. Last night Tuesday had good winds for getting east followed by two days of very light air. This morning the forecast is good winds followed by much stronger winds and seas Wednesday - Friday. (Passage Weather)

I am waiting for Ed to make it back so this for me is theoretical. But it is good to get back in weather practice again.

Fair winds and following seas:)

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