Friday, November 28, 2014

Terrible Trip, Amazing Finish

I left JEB Little Creek yesterday morning in light rain.water temperature was 47 degrees, air temperature 40 degrees. Was about 15 minutes out of Little Creek when it started to rain. So in addition to being cold and having to hand steer all the way I was rained on too! When you see the picture of the smiling guy in foulies banging his way up upwind on a sailboat be sure to know - he is an actor. It is no fun at all.

Made it to Deep Creek Lock on the Dismal Swamp Canal for the 1:30 locking. Docked between the lock and the bridge. I was cold, wet, and exhausted. Turn the propane heater on Reboot but it could not keep up with the plunging temperatures. They finally dropped to 29 F at about 10 PM and stayed there all night. By about 5 PM it was dark and XO and I were miserable. Everything was still wet and dripping. I was sore from dealing with the sailing and the shivers. I think I was mildly hypodermic as it took about 2 hours for my uncontrolled shivering to stop.

About 7 PM I heard a knock on the boat. I had been joined by another single hander so I assumed it was him. In fact, it was the legendary Deep Creek Lock Master - Robert. He had brought a complete Thanksgiving dinner including desert down to both boats. What a fantastic way to end the day. So the next time you pass through the lock make sure you take time to say hi to Robert and pet U-Turn

This morning after coffee and donuts (supplied by Robert) I headed down the canal to the North Carolina Welcome Center on Route 17 (Latitude: 36° 30' 26.3514" / Longitude: -76° 21' 19.1304".) I waited until 11:30 so I would have the benefit of what sunshine there was for the trip. Air temperature varied between 40 and 42 degrees, the water temperature dropped by 4 degrees to 43 F. Forecast low tonight - 29 F. It is forecast to warm up slowly over the next couple of days. Tomorrow morning early cast off the South Mills lock and Elizabeth City for the night.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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