Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve in Nassau

December 25, 2014 Christmas Day
Nassau Harbor Club Marina and Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas

I made it safely into Nassau, Bahamas on December 23rd and tied up at the Nassau Harbor Club. I have been in this marina before and was surprised to be remembered by the staff. After many days of being offshore it was nice to be on land for a rest,

I did the checking in formalities and then headed down to Captain Andy’s, formerly Crazy Johnnies. No longer Captain Andy’s it is now Volume - a music club. It was closed but I did speak to one of the staff - Tom - who send me down to The Poop Deck restaurant. It is only another 200 meters or so down the road. Not realizing how dehydrated I was I quickly drank four beers and then said to the bartender - I had better switch to water! He said OK and watched as I quickly drank four glasses of water. I explained that I had just come in on a boat. I had a nice dinner although like all things in the Bahamas expensive and headed back to Volume. The club was actually closed but they let me in and I had a very nice long conversation with the new owner. He mentioned that they would be open on Christmas Eve. That gave me a destination as everything else was pretty much going to be closed.

Christmas Eve was a Wednesday. Under the previous two owners Wednesday night has always been Karaoke night. “Q”, the new owner, had decided to continue the tradition. The big change was the music. The venue had always been a rock club, under the new management it had become a hip hop club. The people were still very friendly. The Karaoke was the same. The same people who could not do rock were now not doing hip hop well with the occasional injection of someone who was actually good. Most of the people who work at the club are also aspiring musicians so they all took a turn. Perhaps the funniest performance was by McKinsey, a white bartender. He performed a rap that required the use of the “N” word. Whenever he would reach that word he would swallow it and every black person in the bar would shout it out and then start laughing. I felt very comfortable and safe and had a very nice time although if you had suggest I spend Christmas Eve in a hip hop club I would have probably passed on the opportunity.

I spent a quiet Christmas Day on the boat in the marina. It was nice to just continue to unwind.

Fair winds and following seas J

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