Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting to Normal

(Not to be confused with Getting to Normal by Sandra Campbell, a novel of the cri de coeur of Alice, a 7 year old girl. But rather the day to day business of getting Reboot, XO, and Roger back into a normal life.)

Reboot was hauled, pressure washed and blocked yesterday so I am now living "on the hard." The good news is that with the exception of some worn off bottom paint (the coat is only 6 months old) everything below the waterline looks OK.  I do have to replace the zincs. I don't think that was a consequence of the two attempts to Jamaica but rather that they had done their job and their time had come.

Everything on Reboot is wet, if not wet at least damp. Today I set up the electric heaters to accelerate the drying out process; not to mention keeping me warm at night. It is still going down into the 40's here in Oriental. That is a little cold for reading and sleeping for my taste.

I laid out all of the dock lines, sheets and halyards so they would dry. This evening I did a couple of loads of laundry. Tomorrow I will see if the clothing in the closets has dried or if I have to wash it all too. I also did some research on various items I need to repair on Reboot. They are all minor but some do require me ordering parts. And I admit that I spent more than a few minutes talking to the other boat owners working on their boats here in the yard.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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