Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Pretty Bottom Paint

The Keel
I was chatting with a couple of guys here at Sailcraft Service and noted that in some way they are in the minor resurrection business. As the boats come out of the water on the marine travel lift they don't look like much. They get the bottom pressure washed but they still look rough.

Then the magic happens. A new coat or coats of bottom paint. A wash, compound and wax of the sides. Liberal application of deck cleaner. Replacement of fraying sheets and halyards. Patching or replacing the worn out canvas dodgers, bimini, upholstery and sails. Cleaning (or sanding) and re-varnishing or oiling the wood. Voila! Once again a beautiful sailing machine.

As I waxed poetic about the beauty of the transformation I was rudely interrupted by one of the staff. He said: "Yes Captain, when they leave they are beautiful, then you beat the sh&* out of them and bring them back!"


Fair winds and following seas :)

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