Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hull Thickness

Window Opening
You are out in the ocean. You are getting the stuff kicked out of you. The boat is launching off the waves only to crash down into the surf. You think about the forces involved. You wonder how your boat is constructed.

Is that what's troubling you brother?

If you have followed the recent adventures of Reboot you are aware we spent some time out in some rough seas, Today I re-bedded the two fixed windows in the main salon, That provided an opportunity to see just how thick the hull is. You are looking at it. It's quite a bit of thickness and layers.

Here is a close up of the layup. The inner core (the top of the picture) is the "pretty" interior wood. Then comes a big slug of fiberglass, what appears to be another layer of wood (not sure about that) and then the gelcoat finish on the outside. Pretty impressive. Total thickness is about 1 inch.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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