Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The "T" Handle Saga

The New Pull Handle

On Reboot one stops the engine by pulling on the handle (see picture left.) It is a very simple mechanical device. There are two drawbacks: the handle is exposed to the elements. This requires a large quantity of lithium grease to keep the salt water from making the pull wire stick; and the original handle was plastic. After a few good pulls the plastic threads stripped. I had to resort to using a pair of pliers when I wanted to stop the engine.

It would seem a simple thing to purchase a replacement "T" handle. Not so. After spending upwards of $50 to "special order" a replacement handle that did not fit I resigned myself to just using the pliers.

One of the employees of Sailcraft Service here in Oriental is Dan (see picture left.) I know from experience that Dan can fabricate just about anything. So while we were sharing a cup of coffee I ask him if he could make a simple "T" handle threaded for the existing cable. Of course he said yes. About a hour later I stopped by his shop and was presented with this beautiful little stainless "T" handle. Sometimes is is just knowing the right guy!

Fair winds and following seas :)

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