Friday, November 6, 2015

With a Bow to Fozzie Bear

From a recent email exchange:


"It looks like there is a window at 0000 UTC Sunday (midnight Sat night.) Our plan is to go due East about two to three days, as the wind clocks establish a vector direct BVI. The wind is predicted to shift to the N so it will be a downwind sleigh ride.

Slightly more detail. Be ready to leave around 6 PM Saturday. Wait for the wind to clock to the South. Leave on a broad reach. Might have winds to 25 knots for a day or two - looks like there will be a calm to the immediate South. Clearpoint Weather suggests that there will be strong winds (25 to 30) but as the front passes they will moderate quickly (at the moment Sun 8 1900 UTC. So watch and wait but be ready to go. Plan is to blast due East on West winds, start working SE as the wind clocks. Cross Gulf Stream between 74 - 72 (where the stream seems to be heading East) on a West wind.

Would love to know what the remainder of the fleet is thinking. Also if this seems like a plan would be nice to know if other boats are going to make the same attempt. Also what the Caribbean ARC boats are being told.

Chris wants to route down the coast - good idea for shortest distance but I would rather take an extra day or two - get well East, and then work my way down then fight adverse wind and/or current off Cape Hatteras.

I have copied Mr. Parker on this so if I get a "hell no, don't go!!!" from him (he is, after all, a recognized expert) we will have a change of plan.

Fair winds and following seas :)"


After the rest of the fleet pointed out that they were waiting....


"Thank you, thank you. Now that we have all refreshed our knowledge about which way wind arrows point with respect to the wind it looks like we will be waiting like you for early next week."


Fair winds and following seas :)

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