Saturday, November 14, 2015

//WL2K Norfolk to BVI 11/14 N 33 29 W071 53. 00

Reboot has had a far too eventful trip so far. Leaving Cove Marina early in the morning watching the Shore Patrol dealing with the people who wanted "one more day" we proceeded to Baypoint Marina. As soon as we throttled up Reboot began to shake. Knowing that Little Creek is well known for a very active biological environment we summoned Dockside Divers (who came to our aid by altering their schedule) to clean the bottom before departure. They took off a lot of stuff and changed the zincs. Good to go! No, when we departed the next morning the vibration was still there. We limped down to Cobbs and diagnosed that we only had one very loose bolt in the transmission - tailshaft coupling. It fell out durning investigation. With four (count them 4) bolts in the coupling and the packing gland reset we were on our way. Nice wind, played with a few ships getting through the bridge tunnel. Then out to sea! Well, sort of. The wind died for about 6 hours and we floated around. Not to worry, it picked up and off we were down the coast.

Into the Gulf Stream we go. The wind increases to gale force. Our main, with one reef, needs to come down. Does it. Of course not. It jams.So we float head to wind as our leeway drives us across the Gulf Stream pounding, rolling, and cursing all the way. Of course ti got better as the upper third of the main self destructed in the wind.

Morning dawns, Forest climbs the mast (in 30 knot winds and 15 foot seas) and cuts the main free. All of the pieces drop like a stone to the mast. We lash it all up and are on our way (picking up everything that has landed on the floor during the previous night.

The winds went down, the waves went down, and that's when we heard that sailing sound!

A beautiful downwind run on our course line. Until 4AM this morning when the Monitor vane connection to the wheel decided it was tired and didn't want to steer anymore. So bang, zoom, off it spins. We have all the pieces - this morning's project. Fortunately we have two autopilots. The electric took over. No hnad steering. Yea!

Are we upset. Heck no. (OK, the cost of repairing the main will make a significant dent in my budget for several months.) But this is how it goes if you cruise all the time. Stuff breaks, you make a fix, sometimes you upgrade the fittings so it doesn't break again. These boats are remarkable. We were pounded for hours in 15 foot seas an 40 knot winds gusting 45. Reboot never gave any indication she was unhappy. Amazing.

And now you know why I sign off with:

Fair winds and following seas :)

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