Sunday, August 21, 2016

Swimming with the fishes

After spending a god deal of the day sorting and airing Reboot after days of rain I went snorkeling. Well, sort of. One of my crew lost my snorkel overboard so I was actually masking and finning.

The water in the lagoon is quite clear so visibility was good until the sun went behind the clouds. I only got about 15 minutes of decent snorkeling. I took advantage of being in the water to swim back to Reboot. We had paddled the dinghy over to the reef. It was good exercise. On the way back our friends from Yollata came by in their dinghy so we stopped for a chat. Not the greatest of rewards but good.

The coral here is under stress so a a lot of it has died. Both Al and Julia did see a moray ell. Cool. But it is sad to see so much dead coral in a lagoon in the middle of the Pacific Office.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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