Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Amazon FAIL - again

All I want to do is download a gpx file and transfer it to my computer. No problem. Wrong. It was early so sorry for the typos.
Message From Customer Service
Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested:
Initial Question: How do I get my fire to download an attachment that can not be opened on my fire.
03:56 PM PDT Ellaine(Amazon):
Hello Roger, my name is Ellaine from Kindle Customer Care. I'll be happy to help you today.
03:57 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Hi
03:57 PM PDT Ellaine: Just to verify if I got it correctly, the attachment cannot be open to your Fire and you'd like to download it. right?
03:57 PM PDT Roger John Jones: An email.attachment
03:58 PM PDT Roger John Jones: I get a mesage that says "this file can not be opened on your device."
03:59 PM PDT Ellaine: I see and sorry to know that.
03:59 PM PDT Roger John Jones: That is not a problem because I don'
03:59 PM PDT Ellaine: No worries, let me check this and see what I can do to help you.
04:00 PM PDT Roger John Jones: t intend to open it on my fire. I intend to transfer it to anotjer device that can open it.
04:00 PM PDT Ellaine: I see.
May I know where is this file came from?
04:01 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Why? But if you must know it is a Google Earth overlay fule.
A gpx file
04:01 PM PDT Ellaine: I see.
04:02 PM PDT Ellaine: Please try to do it first.
04:02 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Obviously it was sent to me in an email.
04:02 PM PDT Ellaine: On the email, please tap "attachment" to download the file.
04:02 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Tried that. Dame result
Can not spell today
04:03 PM PDT Ellaine: You don't need to open the file, just download it.
04:03 PM PDT Roger John Jones: But I will try that again. Please wait
04:03 PM PDT Ellaine: Sure.
04:03 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Same message
04:04 PM PDT Ellaine: I see. If may I ask, is this a book or document? What file is it?
04:05 PM PDT Roger John Jones: It is a file used by Google Earth to add data to a map. In this particular case it contains information about dangerous reefs and waypoints to avoid them in the Fijian Islands in the South Pacific.
04:06 PM PDT Roger John Jones: So I don't hit th, sink my sailboat and die
04:06 PM PDT Ellaine: I see.
04:06 PM PDT Roger John Jones: I am all for avoiding dying.
04:07 PM PDT Ellaine: Please give me one moment.
04:07 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Sure.
04:09 PM PDT Ellaine: Please try this steps:
1. When viewing an e-mail, tap the attachment and wait for it to download.
2. Press and hold the downloaded attachment.
3. Tap Open to view the attachment, or tap Save to download the attachment to your device.
4. Tap Photos to locate a picture or video, or Docs to locate a personal document.
04:10 PM PDT Roger John Jones: It does not give me that option. I have a little x in the dowmload box and as soon as I touch the screen I get the message ".. can't open attacent on your device"
04:11 PM PDT Ellaine: Since it has an "X" mark, that means that the file is downloading.
04:11 PM PDT Roger John Jones: The download never starts. When I try to forward the message to another device I get a message that says "the fi
04:12 PM PDT Roger John Jones: The attachment will be downloaded before the message is forwarded. So I can't even send it on to another device
04:13 PM PDT Ellaine: May I know what other device you'd like to send the attachment?
04:17 PM PDT Roger John Jones: My computer. Which I intended to transfer the file via bluetooth. My computer is on my sailboat which is in the middle of Savusavu Harbor and does not have an Internet connection. I am sitting on shore with my Fire which as usual is making me angry due to to the stupidity odf Amazon's programmers. For background see my open complaint about my Kindle book library constantly being disabled by your software.
04:17 PM PDT Ellaine: You said that the file is GPX format, right?
04:17 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Yes
04:18 PM PDT Ellaine: I see. Upon checking here, that format isn't compatible with the device. That must be the reason why it isn't downloading.
04:19 PM PDT Ellaine: Now, let me research if this file is compatible with your computer.
04:19 PM PDT Roger John Jones: it is. I have about 100 of them on my computer
04:20 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Google earth under windows 10
04:20 PM PDT Ellaine: Then instead of sending the file into your Kindle, you should send it to your computer instead.
04:21 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Sure. Take the computer off my sailboat. Wrap it up so it doesn't get wet. Put it on my dinghy. Take it to shore
04:22 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Put it back together.
Downlaod the file.
04:22 PM PDT Ellaine: No that't not what I mean.
04:22 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Repackage the computer
Take it back to the sailboat.
04:23 PM PDT Ellaine: You can attach the file and send it to your email so you'll be able to open it on the computer.
04:23 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Put it back together.
World class solution Kimi
04:24 PM PDT Roger John Jones: My computer does not have Internet unless I bring it to shore
04:24 PM PDT Ellaine: I see.
Please stay connected. Let me research this further.
04:24 PM PDT Roger John Jones: So I can't get to email. That is why I have a fire.
04:25 PM PDT Roger John Jones: That is why I bought the fire in the first place.
04:25 PM PDT Ellaine: Yeah but the file format of the document that you'd like to download isn't compatible with your device.
04:28 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Why does it matter if it is compatable. I want the file. I can move it off the Fire to a place where I can use it. Why (other than abject stupidity) does Amazon prevent me from doing that.
04:28 PM PDT Ellaine: No of course not.
04:28 PM PDT Roger John Jones: It makes no sense to me.
04:28 PM PDT Ellaine: Amazon doesn't prevent any access with the device.
04:29 PM PDT Ellaine: It's just that the device has it's restriction when it comes to file format.
04:29 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Sure it prevents access. It will not let me download the file.
04:29 PM PDT Ellaine: It's because the format isn't compatible with the device.
04:30 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Its your device. Its your operating system. It is 100% Amazon. So yes Amazon is restricting my access.
04:31 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Look. I am sure you are a nice person. But this conversation is going nowhere. I am just getting more frustrated and angry.
04:32 PM PDT Roger John Jones: So let me thank you for trying to help and say goodbye.
And yes I will say you were nice when I fill out thebhow was the service questionare.
04:33 PM PDT Ellaine: I'm still searching on it.
04:33 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Ok
Give it a shot. I will wait.
04:34 PM PDT Ellaine: Here is the best thing that I can do Roger.
I will forward this issue to our account specialist to help you download this file on the Kindle.
04:35 PM PDT Ellaine: Rest assured that the account specialist will fix this.
04:35 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Ok. Thank you. Later
04:36 PM PDT Ellaine: You're welcome.
Rest assured that our account specialist will help you.
Now may I have your best phone number that we can contact?.

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