Friday, November 4, 2016

Arrived Bundeburg

Arrived in the middle of the night (as usual.) Anchored out from the entrance channel. In the morning I contacted the volunteer rescue shore radio station. They act as a welcoming gateway and put me in touch with the necessary government officials. I was instructed to bring Reboot to the quarantine dock. It is pretty cute. The one dock in this big marina has an extra fence, gate and warning signs.

Biosecurity was waiting for me. They boarded and we started the long process of dealing with XO. Lots of paperwork, lots of rules, I have to purchase a t-shirt that says "unclean." Actually they were very nice. The net is that I must not make landfall with Reboot, there is a notice on the boat about a quarantined animal, all his waste must be disposed of by biosecurity, I need to notify them when I change ports, and of course pay fees. Not so bad. I am so far in the financial hole after all the unanticipated repair costs that not being able to use a marina is a blessing in disguise. The agent even brought treats for XO. Very sweet. Customs came and was a non-event.

I headed further into the river and anchored in about 10 feet of water. The tide here is about 9 feet so one must be careful where one drops. I took the dinghy into the marina. I had taken a nap after getting everything sorted so I missed the office deadline. It is a big place so tomorrow I will go in early and explore. I was able to get a burger and chips. Now if I get ice cream I will be all good.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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