Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Helping Chandara

I looked out and Chandera was gone. What? Got a message from Stevie Jane that Steve Johnson had been cut badly and was at the hospital. The Coast Guard moved the boat. I missed it all. At the moment the wind is still strong. I will take Reboot down to support them when It dies down.

Moved to the south end of Tin Can Inlet (Tin Can Bay is the town, the Inlet is the water) to provide any possible support for Steve. Came down in slack tide in the dark. Freaked myself out a bit. I don't like narrow places especially in the dark. Fortunately the marks and ranges were good. Dropped the anchor. As i started to identify objects around me in the dark I realized I was closer than I liked to another boat. And yes, the radar decided not to work when I really needed it. That is the way with boats. Hoisted the anchor and moved. Don't particularly like this spot either but it will work for 12 hours. The strong winds that have been plaguing me are gone as this area is much more sheltered. In the morning i will check in with Stevie Jane, move the boat to a better spot, and drop the dinghy in the water. Two beers and rest.

Woke up to find that I was close to shore. Actually an OK spot for most people but I have dragged enough times that I don't like being that close. Moved Reboot again. Dinghy in the water, went in and coordinated with VMR Tin Can Bay. Heard from Steve. We will move the boat at noon.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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