Thursday, November 3, 2016

Underway 3 November 0438 utc

Just to the south of Bundeburg, Australia there is a peninsula that encloses a large bay. I have crossed over from the ocean into shallow (80 - 150 ft) depths. I am still 38 nm from Bundeburg and can not yet see land. I should arrive at the harbor entrance tonight. I will anchor nearby. It is rarely a good idea to enter a new harbor at night.

Yesterday was a bear of a day. A front passed over Reboot. The wind clocked 270 degrees from north east to south east over an 18 hour period. We also had 30 knot winds, rain, and 8 foot seas. Far from a fun day. Frequent trimming and reefing was the agenda. The wind would pick up and then die and then pick up again. Reef down in high wind, reef up to keep underway in the calms. For about 12 hours there was no good route to my destination so I just tacked back and forth and lost 17 nm of progress. Eventually it passed through and I was underway again. So far the only really trying day of the trip.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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