Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fwd: Vigée Portraits in Your Blog

I call my brother "the font of all wisdom." And he is. And I love him. So the attached. Re the missing portrait: for some reason it would not download. Sad because she was by far the most beautiful and scandalous.
PS Next he will tell me where they are hung so you can see them in person.


You've got them labeled wrong, Roger.

In your post, the first on the left (big hair, off the shoulder dress) is Hyacinthe Roland, the Queen's ancestor.
The second (white blouse, red ribbon) is the artist, Elizabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun.
The third (dressed in "Shepherdess Chic") is the Duchess of Polignac.

You're missing Frederick the Great's niece, Princess Frederica.

All of these portraits, seen live, are quite stunning.  Vigée ravishes her viewers with painterly reality.  They are alive on the canvass.  Frederica and Polignac are particularly captivating.

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