Saturday, May 27, 2017

Log Entry 242152ZMAY2017


"It has been a very rough trip so far. The weather was pretty when we departed Sydney. Sunny, nice South winds. The wind shifted to the North* directly on our heading. It was so light we could not point worth a darn. Cléia was seasick most of the time. And the battery voltage was low. We kept all the electronics off except the radio and AIS off. Several days of overcast skies and rain, plus we are at the short days and long nights part of the year. The first night we had thunderstorms on my watch as we were making about 1.5 knots. We were almost hit by the C/S Tokyo. We were both running AIS. Why he chose to miss me by 100 feet is beyond me. We tried to tack but the wind was so light and the current so strong. We made almost no headway. Finally out of frustration I decided to motor North to make some progress until the wind changed. We did, which had the effect of charging the batteries. It also burned a lot of fuel for a SOG of about 2 knots. It was very frustrating  but I kept my council. The wind finally changed. We were entertained by a 8 hour lightning show that had us on edge.  Fortunately we were watching and the storm never quite made it to Reboot.  The front passage complete the weather calmed down and the wind shifted to the Southwest. For the first time we had no drama and some decent sleep. Clélia and Camille are great crew and have soldiered through what has been so far a pretty rough trip.".

Fair winds and following seas :).

* See Captain Roger's Rules.

** Yes Nigel, you were right. The solar panel controller set points were wrong. We were not getting a full charge. Since fixed.

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