Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Down the KK and into McKinley

As requested the Railroad Bridge and the KK bridge opened at 10 am. Trevor cast off Reboot in a very dirty river and off I went. This is the second railroad bridge we pass, it only closes when the Circus Train comes to Milwaukee.

The area on the other side of the bridge is the Milwaukee "Inner Harbor." We turn left, head North, turn right and it's under the Hone Bridge.

This takes us down the river to the Outer Harbor. The opening directly in front of the boat is the "center gap" of the breakwall. Beyond is Lake Michigan. But not today, today we turn left again, heading North again until:

The Entrance to McKinley Marina. The lights on both the Port and Starboard marks are powered by photocells and are out about 50% of the time. The center red light on the breakwall visable through the gap always works. Makes it fun sometimes! Its great there is a red light. Too bad its the wrong one!

Heading down the lane between "F" dock and "E" dock. Our slip is on the left, just this side of the powerboat.

Dock crew was waiting, here Trevor helps put the boat away as the weather is turning overcast and rainy.

Success. Lots of cleaning, polishing, wiring, rigging and tuning still to do but WE ARE IN THE WATER! YEA!

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