Monday, April 14, 2008

Pirates Again - off Trinadad

From the CruiserLog web site - not confirmed - but these kinds of posts are usually accurate. “ Hello V..,Well, I took a plunge and am on the boat with Richard. We left Trinidad on the March 28th [2008]. Well, you are not going to believe what happened in a million years. Twenty five miles out of Boca, by the oil platforms, we got attacked and shot at by pirates!!!!! We saw the pirogue on the horizon hours before, wondering what they are doing way out. Well they came by on the port side, I guess to check out how many people are on board. He has bamboo fishing rods on each side of the boat, as they came by and turned around at the back of the boat I was yelling watch out for the line, and Richard is going below gesturing for them to move on. They did wave as they went by. There was 6 of them, clean cut and young. Three honking outboards, from Venezuela. I was at the tiller, now they are on the port side again and I see five of them have guns in their laps. I am still not registering. Richard comes up with a flaregun, and bullet that is 20 years old, as soon as he came up two of them started shooting at us. It took two bullets for me to realize, sh*t, I better duck. So, I did still hanging on to the tiller, and ducked in the cockpit. Richard shot the flare at the driver, one guy was standing up shooting at Richard, fell backwards as the driver punched it and left. Luckily the seas were rough,eight foot swells, so they missed us. We are very lucky to be alive. This happened about six in the evening, so we can still see them on the horizon. Now we have all of the flares, and bullets in the cockpit in case they come back. He called the coast guard to report it. They were in contact with us for hours, but, unfortunately they did not send a boat to catch them. A****les. Pretty wild. My attitude has definitely changed. “ Disturbing

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