Monday, April 28, 2008

Fog Story

From Nigel... Hi Roger, Yes, we get fog, but it doesn't stop us racing. In 2005 we were racing to Falmouth in about 25 / 50 yards visibility near the finish line. We were very short handed with a rookie crew and no one spare to man the nav station. There is a large isolated danger mark in the middle of the entrance called " Black Rock "...Unlit and with no sound signals. On the Starboard / eastern side of the entrance there is St Anthony's light and fog horn and Pendennis castle on the Port / western side. The finish line was between the castle side and Black Rock.......And yes you guessed it, we went the WRONG side of the rock !! I thought the fog signal was past amidships when I saw a green conical starboard St Mawes bouy ( Opposite to US bouyage) I then knew exactly where I was, and had to drop the kite and turn around 180 degrees to finish the correct side of the rock. We took our own finish times and those of the TWO other yachts that were chasing us ......all went the wrong side !!! The Finish line shore committee couldn't see anything at all !!

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