Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold, Wet, and Windy

I reported some time ago that I had moved from the North side of Sigsbee Island to the South side.  I did this as the winds were predicted to be both strong and from the North for about a week.  As I sit on Reboot listening to the wind whistle thru the rigging am I glad I made that decision.

Today has been windy, constant rain and temperatures in the high 50’s.  If you think of such conditions on a camping trip you can determine that today has not been much fun.  I have been occupying my time reading, first The Fair Tax and then various cruising guides to the Bahamas.  I do confess I am still waiting for a few back to back warm and sunny days.  They too will happen, but apparently not for at least another 5 days.  Ugh!

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