Sunday, January 31, 2010

Duval Crawl

I rented a car for the weekend so that I could see some of Key West.  Maury (of Gypsysails fame) and I did the "Duval Crawl."  Duval Street is the main bar/tee-shirt/junk/etc. street in Key West.  Given our age and expected stamina we took a nap until midnight and then. headed down town.

First stop was the "cowboy bar."  I don't remember the name, but its claim to fame is topless bull riding.  This apparently only happens on Wednesday nights for two hours during which the women drink for free.  Since it wasn't Wednesday night the place was pretty empty.

We then headed to "The Green Parrot."  Great music from a eclectic band - several percussionists, a trombone player, a sax player, and a vocalist who doubled on accordion.  I know it sounds a bit weird but the music (sort of Jazz - Cuban fusion) was very dance friendly.

On to Ricks/Dirty Harry's, a collection of several different theme bars and dance floors under one roof.  Since one of the bands was playing metal I felt compelled to call Spencer.  Of course it was 2:30 AM EST.  He is a college student and it was only 1:30 AM in Madison so of course he answered right away!  If I was with a larger group of people this would be my bar of choice, if you got tired of one theme there were lots of other choices.

Then on to the Hemingway Bar across the street.  I was so unimpressed I have forgotten its name.  We stuck our heads in a few other places but nothing memorable.

After a total of about 2 hours of bar crawling we old guys called it a night and headed back to Boca Chica.

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