Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moving South (a little bit)

The winds here have shifted to the north quadrant and are expected to stay that way for a few more days. The result has been very rough seas across the anchorage and much cooler temperatures. Checking the charts for a protected anchorage from north winds Gypsysails and I discovered that we could go to the south side of Sigsbee. The south side has a dredged channel, apparently another artifact of WWII. First we took a dinghy ride to scope out the channel. It was a good thing we did, as there is a critical turn at Green "33" where you must go on the wrong side of the mark or go aground. The correct side marks the channel to Stock Island.
We anchored at the far end of the cut, almost at the Sigsbee causeway. Little did we know that we were going to become a cause of consternation. Soon after dark we were visited by Navy security. They told us that we could not stay anchored as this was a Navy base. We said that was good since we were Navy. We identified ourselves to the security staff and returned to the boats.
Yesterday continued to be cold making working on the deck unpleasant. However, the water was flat and the wind very light, much improved over the north side.

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  1. Couple things - 1. Love the new picture on your blog title. 2. I have zero sympathy for you in your "cold" weather. Once again, we in Milwaukee are under a winter storm warning and Milwaukee harbor is now frozen!