Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Morning After

Reboot held her position last night. After TowBoat US finished pulling Gypsysails back into deeper water they swung by Reboot, took my Fortress anchor and ran in out a couple of hundred feet and dropped it. Checking this morning it does not appear that it is doing anything but being a backup - which is fine with me. The TowBoat guys were really nice, I suggested that helping me put out the second anchor might avoid a call later in the night and they agreed.
This morning the sky is clear and bright but the winds have turned cold. Cold here is 60 degrees lol. It was 25 gusts to 30+ this morning but it has moderated to 20 gusts to 25. Still, not fun to be out on deck, I get cold right away as I am still in shorts.
I have made a great deal of progress on boat projects the last couple of days and expect to spend the rest of today on running the permanent power cables for the radar and water maker.

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