Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally - A day in Paradise

Ever since leaving Milwaukee on August 5th I have been waiting for my day in Paradise. For one reason or another it never seemed to quite come together. So i am pleased to announce that on Martin Luther King Day 2010 (January 18th) I finally got as close a I expect to for a while.
I am currently in Boca Chica Key, one of several keys owned by the United States Navy. This is in fact the place where the Naval Air Facility Key West has their hangers and runways. I am sitting on a mooring ball in the marina which is quite well protected and has an interesting history. During World War II the Navy started building a submarine base here. They dredged out the sub "pens" and some of the channel and then the war ended so they stopped. They dredged enough to create an area that was later turned into a military marina.
So this morning I finally got my dinghy pieces to shore and got it assembled. I sat under a straw (or whatever they use for Tiki Bars) roof, drank a rum and coke, waded in the water, and basked in the sun. Then I went back to Reboot and did projects. Of course, every project at some point required something I did not have to continue so I ended the day with 5 partially finished projects. But that is pretty much the way it goes.
Ace was planning on flying down but the enroute weather is not good so I don't think he will make it. The sailboat racers are in town, perhaps when I go ashore tomorrow morning for parts I will see some of them.
No internet so I am back to SSB radio to file my reports.

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