Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful Sailing Days

I left Portsmouth, NH (Kittery Maine) yesterday for Portland, Maine. What a beautiful sail. The wind was just perfect, the swells pushed me forward, and the day was sunny and warm, but not hot.

Today is another of those days, at least I hope it will be. I am currently on a beam reach with beam seas. The wind forecast is for it to freshen but at the moment it is light enough that every once in a while the boat takes a roll or two and the sails bang. It makes me cringe.

I was reminded that sailing is something like golf. My golf instructor told me that every time I played a round I would hit a couple of good shots. As such I would believe that I could actually get better if I played a lot. Sailing can be a lot of work and very frustrating. But every once in a while it all comes together and that reminds you of why you love to sail.

I am off this morning along the Maine coast. This is the true "Down East." Rocky shores and beautiful scenes. "Down East" comes from the fact that in the summer months the prevailing winds are from the southwest, so when you sail down wind you are sailing "Down East."

XO has taken to sunning himself of top of the dodger. He also likes to stick his paw over the side and hit me on the head. My only concern is that he will slide off the side of the dodger and fall overboard again. But he has a lot of sunbrella to dig his claws into if he starts to slide. I am just, like all parents, concerned about his well being.

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