Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rockport, MA

I spent the day walking around Rockport, MA on the Cape Ann peninsula northeast of Boston. This town is well know as a major art center on the East Coast, in fact at least half of the businesses in town are art galleries. Even the T-shirt shops seem more upscale than the normal tourist town.

Like many of the coastal New England towns Rockport has a long heritage of its inhabitants going down to the sea in ships. It was quite a surprise to find the harbor is very small and so crowded that every boat is both attached to a mooring ball and also has a stern anchor to prevent swinging. Lobstering is still a major local industry, when I first came in to the back beach area I had difficulty setting the anchor where I would not swing into one or more pots.

In an unusual tip to its Puritan heritage Rockport has no bars. Apparently about three years ago the town went grudging when from totally dry to permitting the local restaurants to serve alcohol but only to those who purchase food. Not only that, but apparently the total number of drinks you can purchase is also limited. What a change from Key West.

The wind has been out of the North, it is slowly shifting to the West and is forecast to be from the South tomorrow morning. My plan is to leave in the morning and head up to Portland, Maine.

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