Thursday, July 1, 2010


Obsessing is a fine art. I don't know if this problem is particular to me, is shared by other cruisers, or just shared by boaters in general.

Today I left Great Kills in Staten Island and transited the East River to Long Island Sound then on to Hempstead Harbor on Long Island. I am anchored with 150 feet of chain in 15 feet of water off the Hempstead Harbor Club where my parents were members when I was a child. I spent the entire 10 hour transit obsessing. Will the engine fail? Does that big ship see me behind the other big ship? Can I make it to Hell Gate before the tide turns? Why am I using so many RPM's and not getting the expected boat speed? Am I dragging something? Why does the fish finder not work? Where will I get water since when I fueled this morning the marina did not have drinking water at the fuel dock. (They were, however, more then willing to take my garbage for an additional charge - I love New York.) Then of course will the anchor drag tonight? Why is the wind 10 knots higher than the forecast? Would I be better off taking Reboot to the other side of the harbor for the night as it is more sheltered?

Of course there is only one solution. The "sundowner". Of course one has to postpone the sundowner until you are sure that the anchor is not dragging and you are not going to swing into any of the mooring balls or the channel during the night.

Of course after 5000 miles of cruising I am getting better at all of this. I watched two guys try to anchor their sailboat with a small anchor, 10 feet of chain, and about 50 feet of rode. They could not figure out why they could not get a set. Oh well, that was me once.

Cheers all!


  1. Obama heaven?
    I am always amazed when I still find people defending the US decision to invade and occupy Iraq.

    It is even more amazing that they make these comments in the former shadows of the World Trade Center.

    Also, probably just typo, but there is no Laguna Airport in NY

    happy sailing.

  2. I don't understand the connection between Obama's call for "The New World Order" which is clearly an international government and the war in Iraq. Of course, I don't understand the way a lot of people think, so you should not take this personally.