Sunday, July 25, 2010

Halifax Harbor

I arrived yesterday in overcast weather to Halifax. There was a brief period of drizzle and then it cleared. XO and I needed to find "The Cable Wharf" for the Animal Planet Cats 101 filming so I proceeded to the downtown Halifax area. The downtown commercial piers have be converted with floating docks so it is very user friendly.

I pulled in behind what appears to be a brand new Oyster 72. It is a very pretty boat but I realized that it was far more than I would want to have to maneuver. Plus the entire boat runs on hydraulics. It would make me uncomfortable to know that I could not trim if there was failure of the hydraulic system or I ran out of fuel to run the pump. Unfortunately the people on board are not particularly friendly, I asked them some questions about the local dock master and they were quite dismissive of me. Too bad.

The two downtown events this weekend are the Nova Scotia in water boat show and the last weekend of "Pride Week." I walked down to the boat show - about 15 work boats and five small sailboats all constructed in Nova Scotia. Then I went walking along the extensive Halifax recreational waterfront. The sun came out and the temperature rose into the middle 80's. What a beautiful afternoon. Since the boat is sitting on a downtown dock I also hosted a couple of passers by in the cockpit. Finally, XO and I decided to doze in the sunshine. I did not feel attuned to participate in pride week.

Evening resulted in another walk and a meal ashore. There are about 6 different harbor cruises - tall ships and the like - and also a lot of recreational traffic that leaves the area quite rolled. It was nice to get onto a stable platform for dinner. By the time I got back from my post dinner walk the fog had started to come in and the water had settled down. So I got a good nights sleep. XO even let me sleep in until 6 AM rather than the normal sunrise at 5:30. Such a deal.

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