Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yarmouth, NS

I departed Yarmouth, Nova Scotia after an overnight stay. Yarmouth is in the southwest part of Nova Scotia in an area known as the Acadian Shores due to its French heritage. The harbor has a long narrow approach channel. I arrived in dense fog (I could barely see the bow.) I completely missed the famous Cape Forchu Lightstation "The Beacon to Canada." It was less than one mile off my course!

I called on the VHF for local knowledge and was answered by one of the local fishing vessels. They had me switch to channel 10, slowed down so I could catch up, and after we had both established both radar and AIS contact they led me up the channel into the harbor. It was pretty amazing. Then they came down to the dock to introduce themselves and say hi.

The dock master at Killan Brother Wharf helped me with my lines as I nosed into the dock as minimum speed. The good news was I could now see about 100 feet, enough for a safe and gentle landing. Paul Pothier the marina manager is a person who looks out for his customers. The chart said that there was fuel at the dock but that was not true. However, Paul loaded up my jerry cans in his car and drove me to the station to get fuel. He gave me local directions including a great diner for a farm breakfast and check on the boat while I was off seeing the sights.

This was my check in point for the crossing from the United States to Canada so I also was visited by Canadian Customs and Immigration. They were professional, polite, and thorough. It was a bit weird having three people go thru Reboot and my possessions but I realized they were just doing their job. I paid duty for my extra cigarettes on board and they stamped and filled out all the necessary forms for my visit to Canada.

I am learning that fog is a constant here in Nova Scotia. When I woke up in the middle of the night Reboot was surrounded by fog. It did clear enough this morning for me to depart. The clearing lasted about 1 mile out to sea before it closed back in.

Yarmouth is a very old village seeped in fishing and marine commerce. The Killan family influence dates from 1788. At one point they owned or had an interest in over 100 ships. The village has a nice walking tour and a well stocked tourist center that provides free internet (as does the library.)

As I was leaving my fishing boat friends were returning from another night fishing. Unfortunately the fishing was poor but the friendship was great.

I am underway toward Halifax and XO's moment of glory. He is going to be filmed for Animal Planet's show Cata 101. That should be fun as should visiting Halifax.

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