Monday, October 11, 2010

An almost perfect night

Water Hobo (H2OBO) and Reboot are transiting South along the New Jersey and DELMARVA coasts. It is about 65 degrees out and quite moist making sitting in the cockpit quite a delight. The sky is crystal clear and the stars are out in force. Earlier we watched the fireworks from Atlantic City as we left it behind.
Some nights are perfect - tonight is close. There are almost no waves. I have the XM Radio going in the cockpit and salon. I have sat up on the foredeck to watch the water go by. XO (the kitten) is up and around and exploring every smell and spot on the boat.
The music is good, the weather is great, we are making good progress to rendezvous with our friends from last winter in Key West. Why isn't the evening perfect? Because there is no wind so the drone of the engine is in the background. But I will take a lot of nights like these!

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