Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weather Jonah?

I am in Madison WI visiting my son Spencer at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My weather experience here is making me wonder.  While I was in the Canadian Maritimes I had to deal with hurricanes Danielle, Earl, and Ivan not to mention a few North Atlantic gales.  I figured I had dodged the bullet when I found out that New Bern, NC (where Reboot is currently docked) had experienced torrential rainfall since I had considered spending the summer in New Bern rather than making the long trek to Newfoundland.

Here I am in Madison WI where the weather is being influenced by a "record low pressure system."  Yesterday I drove Spencer to class on the way to do other errands.  He opened the passenger side door and a wind gust near ripped it off.  The side view mirror is loose and the door no longer shuts properly.  Wow!

A couple of my friends are waiting for my return to New Bern later this week to buddy boat to Florida.  I wonder if after reading this they will be there when I return.  It sure has been a wild weather Fall.

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