Saturday, October 30, 2010

World of Warcraft and Internet Connectivity

Oh the evil of it all.  Trevor and Spencer have once more caused me to descend into the pits of hell (actually, into the frozen spaces of Icecrown) to combat the Lich King.  Cyberwarrior, my pathetically equipped level 80 Troll Hunter has been pressed back into service to do battle.  Of course Cataclysm - the next expansion pack is coming out in December - can I really play on a netbook?  Is a gaming machine in Reboot's future?

Internet Connectivity:  I have been searching for a good high performance wireless antenna.  I purchased an EnGenius EOC5611P.  It seemed from the specifications to be a good choice.  I have been totally disappointed in the unit.  Although the specification calls for both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz the truth is that the built in antenna only works on the 5Ghz band.  This is 802.11a which is almost completely non-existent.  So I then had to invest in an external 2.4Ghz antenna to make the whole thing work.  I now have far better connectivity than before but it annoys me that the EnGenius device wasn't as advertised.  The manual was obviously not written by an English speaker and the actual software does not match the descriptions in the manual.  Of course by the time I worked this all out it was too late to return it not to mention the 15% restocking fee.  Oh the joys of shopping on the Internet.

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