Saturday, October 9, 2010

What do weather persons know?

We (Water Hobo and I) left Hempstead Harbor to run the East River. When we came under "the Narrows" we checked the weather and it was quite favorable for a run to the South. Moderate winds from the Northwest veering to the North - a good three day weather window. We decided to carry on with the hopes of going direct to Norfolk.

While I was in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia I did not expect much from the weather forecasts. They changed very frequently. However, what was predicted in the short term forecast was pretty much what you got. For the last two days however what we have seen and what has been predicted are not related in any way at all. We were pounding into waves with wind from the Southwest. We went very close to shore (not a fun thing to do late at night) and got a better ride. We then anchored behind the breakwater of Barnagate Bay New Jersey so that we would not have to go in at night. Today has been no better. The predicted North winds are from the East. The good news is that it has been pretty flat so we have been motoring all day and making good progress South.

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