Saturday, October 30, 2010

Obama's Wars

While at Spencer's I had the opportunity to read Obama's Wars by Bob Woodward.  It was not what I had expected.  The book focuses on the discussions leading up to the President's decision to send additional troops into Afghanistan.  My short takes:
  • It is clear that no one in the administration or the military had a clear definition of "victory."  We are there, we have to do something, but what?
  • We are being "played" by both the Afghan government and the Pakistan government.
  • Despite multiple attempts by the President to get his advisors to come up with a workable solution in my opinion they failed to do so.
  • In my opinion President Obama's decision not to replace his advisors (both political and military) with people who could come up with a workable solution was a major mistake on his part.
As a Vietnam Vet I am very sensitive to the fact that senior political and military figures screwed up that "Era" - its not a war, is an Error um Era - that is why I am a VVE not a VVW.  It would appear we haven't learned much if anything in the intervening years.  Very sad.

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