Thursday, December 30, 2010

36 Hours and 150 Miles

When I left Daytona Beach the air temperature was 30 degrees F and the the water temperature was 44 degrees F. Needless to say it was cold. Of course the hurricanes while I was in Canada and St. Pierre and waiting forever for pasts in Green Cove Springs means that I have been behind the power curve with respect to weather the entire time.

I am now motoring (there is no wind) past the Fort Worth inlet which is about 150 miles south of Daytona. The water temperature is 71 degrees and the air temperature is about 60 degrees. Why do I add the information about the water temperature? Reboot has no insulation so the interior is always about the same temperature as the water. Try living in a house with the thermostat set for 44 degrees! For the first time since I left St. John's Newfoundland it is actually comfortable to sit out on deck or to work in the cabin without being decked out in four or five layers of clothing. So nice!

What I find most amazing is that the difference in temperatures is only 150 miles apart. And that in the last 36 hours I have gone from freezing to actually comfortable.

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